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Lordmac Machine Industry...



LORDMAC MAKÄ°NA; in the manufacturing and marketing sector of high-tech agricultural and forestry machinery in Konya operates.

Among Our Products;

PTO Multi functional stone crusher, PTO fixed rotor stone crusher, beet bucket, silage cutting machine attachment, bucket silage cutting attachment, bale cutting attachment, multifunctional grain bucket, lifting attachment, bale grids and other machinery and equipment. equipment is included.



=- Agriculture and Forestry Machinery Equipment -=



Beet Bucket


Multifunctional Silage Cutting Attachment


Bucket Silage Cutting Attachment


Bale Cutting Attachment


Multifunctional Grain Bucket


Lifting Attachment


Grain Bucket


Bale Moving Attachments


PTO Multifunctional Stone Crusher


PTO Fixed Rotor Stone Crusher Machine

Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Equipment

Bale Cutting Attachment

Multifunctional Silage Cutting Attachment

Bale Cutting Attachment


Quality Product, Economical Price...

Our company, which produces with the slogan of "Quality material, quality product and economical price", It markets its products to many countries of the world besides our country.